Multi-Functional Coffee/Play Table

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hardyhomereno added on 12/7/2015

Easy & funcational living room table. Can be used as a coffee table, train/transport table or chalkboard.


Follow the steps below to complete this project.


Step 1

Make your cuts. All Cuts will be made from 2X4s. Table Top Frame: 2-40" 2-56" Table Top Slats: 7-40" Legs: 3-40" 6-12" 3-10.5" 1/4" plywood: 40"x53" Optional Table Top Board 43" X 56" (I had the lumber store cut it for me)


Step 2

Attach the table top frame. Lumber: 2-56" 2-40" Drill 2 pocketholes on both ends of the 40" boards. Assemble the boards together to create a rectangle. Use 2 1/2" pockethole screws & wood glue.


Step 3

Add the 7 slats to the table top frame. Drill pocketholes on all boards touching the table top frame. Evenly space the 7 slats in the table top frame (pockeholes facing up). Attach with 2 1/2 pockethole screws & wood glue.


Step 4

Assemble 3 sets of legs. Drill the following pocketholes: both ends of 40" boards; both ends of 10 1/2" board; 1 end of 12" boards (that will be attaching to table slats). Attach 40" board to 2- 12" boards using 2 1/2" pockethole screws & wood glue. Center & attach the 10 1/2" board in the middle of the 40" board using 2 1/2" pockethole screws & wood glue.


Step 5

Flip the table top frame over & attach the table legs (arrows in picture) Attach with 2 1/2" pockethole screws & wood glue.


Step 6

Flip the table on the legs and place the 1/4" plywood on top.


Step 7

(Optional) Place Table Topper 43"x 56" on top of table. Use either MDF board or Hardwood Plywood. Topper may fit under a bed or in the garage when not in use.


Step 8

Fill holes with wood filler, sand and finish your table. Additional Information: 1 coat Minwax's Dark walnut for the legs & frame. 3 coats Minwax's polyacrylic for the legs & frame. (Lightly sand between each coat). I used 4 coats Chalkboard paint for the Table Top Topper (MDF board).

Tools Used:

Materials Required:

Wood Products:

(8) 2x4, 96", Board  
(1) 1/4" Thick, 43"x53", Plywood  
(1) 3/4" Thick, 43" x 56", MDF  


Parts/Cut List:

(2) Table top frame, 2x4x40"  
(2) Table top frame, 2x4x56"  
(7) Table top slates , 2x4x40"  
(3) Table legs , 2x4x40"  
(6) Table legs, 2x4x12"  
(3) Table legs (middle support), 2x4x10.5"  
(1) Train table Top, 3/4"x43"x56"  
(1) Slat Topped, 40"x53"  


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