Full Size Bed

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This plan makes a bed frame for a full size mattress.

Although a full size mattress should be standard size.

Please make sure you measure yours to see if it will fit before you start building to see if you need to adjust the width or length at all.


Follow the steps below to complete this project.


Shopping List

See image for shopping list. You will also need: Pocket Hole Tool such as a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 1.25 inch blue-cote external use pocket screws 1.25 inch wood screws 2.25 inch wood screws Wood glue Right angled brackets (for fixing side rails to headboard and foot board)


Cut list

Please read all instructions before cutting wood as shown below. I suggest some pieces are cut as you go to ensure a tight fit. To minimize the number of boards to use plan your cuts I have given details of which board you should cut the piece from. If you find a more economical solution then please let me know.


Plywood Cuts

You will need one sheet of 8 feet by 4 feet ¾ inch thick plywood.


Make the Foot board front panel

Make the footboard panel using the 1 by 4 pieces shown. Put pocket holes on the short edges of each of the top and bottom rails as well so that you can fix them to the legs.


Attach the legs

Attach the legs. Inset the front edge of the frame ¾ inch in from the outside edge of the leg.


Add the inner panel

Add the two ¾ inch plywood panels as the inside panels. To give the top trim extra strength I used pocket holes on the top edge of this inner plywood panel to screw the top to this inner panel.


Add back panel and footboard top

I then added another frame the same as the front one over the plywood. I joined the pieces together first with pocket holes and then nailed the frame to the back of the footboard and filled the nail holes. I then also put more pocket holes on the top edge and screwed the top board to the back frame. This was just to give it more strength. You can then fill and sand the holes if you want to (but may be hidden by the mattress anyway)


Make the Headboard frame

Make the first part of the headboard using the 48 inch long 3 ½ inch by 3 ½ inch posts and the 1 by 4 pieces shown. Put pocket holes on the short edges of each of the top and bottom rails as well so that you can fix them to the legs.


Add the insert panels to the Headbo

Add the two ¾ inch thick plywood panels measuring 43 ½ by 25 inches as the insert panels. To give the top trim extra strength I used pocket holes on the top edge of these inner plywood panels to screw the top to this inner panel. I also put pocket holes on the outer edges of the panels to screw them to the legs.


Add the top trim to the headboard

Add the 1 by 4 piece measuring 59 ½ inches and then the 2 by 6 piece measuring 61 ½ inches as the top trim. I screwed the 1 by 4 to the frame (as the screws would be hidden) and then attached the 2 by 6 using pocket holes to the plywood insert and then also the back 1 by 4 trim.


Add the back trim to the Headboard

Add the two pieces of 1 by 4 measuring 51.5 inches long and the 37 inch long piece as the back trim.


Side Rails

Make the two side rails out of the 75 ½ inch long pieces of 1 by 10 and the 75 ½ inch long pieces of 2 by 2. I put the support rail 1 ¼ inches up from the bottom edge but you may want to put higher up depending on whether using box frame or not and depth of mattress. I used some metal corner braces to attach the side rails to the foot board and headboard so that they could easily be removed if need to be.



Sand well to smooth our joints and remove any wood glue residue. Finish each section with stain/paint as desired before fixing the parts together. As I was painting white I also used white sealant to seal any joins.


Fix together and add middle support

Fix the side rails to the headboard and footboard and then add the center support (2 by 4 piece measuring 75 ½) Then add the slats. I used some full width ones and some 27 inch ones just to maximize the use of boards and reduce wastage.

Tools Used:

Materials Required:

Wood Products:

(1) 3/4" Thick, 96", Plywood  


Parts/Cut List:

(1) See cutting list in step 2, Various  


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