Firewood Rack – Metric

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buildsomething added on 1/11/2017

Keep your fireplace stocked with this firewood storage rack. The lower area holds your fire logs securely, while the upper area is a great place for keeping kindling. You can build one in just a couple of hours using four boards, a miter saw (or circular saw), a jigsaw, a drill, and a Kreg Jig.


Follow the steps below to complete this project.


Make the Frame Parts

Cut four Legs and four Short Rails to length from 38 x 38mm boards, as shown in the cutting diagram. Set your pocket-hole jig for 38mm thick material, and then drill pocket holes in the ends of each Short Rail at the locations shown. Sand the frame parts smooth using 120-grit then 150-grit sandpaper. Don’t sand the ends of the Short Rails.

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Assemble the Frame

Lay out two Legs and two Short Rails, as shown, so that the upper Short Rail is flush with the upper ends of the Legs, and the lower Short Rail is positioned 19mm up from the lower ends of the Legs. Then attach the Short Rails to the Legs using 64mm coarse-thread pocket-hole screws. Repeat the same process for the second frame side.

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Make the V Rails

Cut four V Rails to length from 89mm boards, as shown in the cutting diagram. Mark the angled lines on the first piece and then cut along the lines with a jigsaw. Sand the cut edges as necessary to make them smooth. Then use this V Rail as a pattern for marking the other three. Cut and sand them in the same way. Reset your pocket-hole jig and bit for 19mm thick material, and then drill pocket holes in each V Rail at the locations shown. Sand the faces and edges of the V Rails smooth. Don’t sand the ends.


Attach the V Rails to One Frame

Lay the first assembled frame on a flat work surface, and then position the V Rails as shown. Then secure the V Rails using 32mm coarse-thread pocket-hole screws.


Add the Second Frame

Now you can attach second assembled frame side to the V Rails using the same process as the previous step.


Add the Slats

Cut eight slats to length from 89mm boards, as shown in the cutting diagram. Then sand the faces, edges, and ends of the Slats smooth. Position four of the Slats on one V Rail, as shown, so the Slat ends are flush with the outside edges of the Legs. Secure the Slats to the V Rail using 32mm coarse-thread pocket-hole screws. Repeat this process to attach the second set of Slats to the other V Rails.


Add Your Favorite Finish

With your firewood storage rack assembled, you can look it over to see if it needs any touch-up sanding. Then apply the finish, stain, or paint that suits your style and complements the space where you’ll use the rack.

Tools Used:

Materials Required:

Wood Products:

(2) 38mm x 38mm, 1800mm, Board  
(2) 19mm x 89mm, 2400mm, Board  


(16) 64mm coarse-thread pocket-hole screws Shop Online
(32) 32mm coarse-thread pocket-hole screws Shop Online

Parts/Cut List:

(4) Leg, 38 x 38 x 660mm pine  
(4) Short Rail, 38 x 38 x 230mm pine  
(4) V Rail, 19 x 64 x 362mm pine  
(8) Slat, 19 x 89 x 305mm Pine  


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