Rolling Drill Press Cart: With Bonus Storage

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lazyguydiy added on 8/10/2016

Rolling Drill Press Cart with additional storage for power sanders and pull out forstner bit storage.


Follow the steps below to complete this project.


Building The Base

Cut all four 2x4's to length at 31.50".  Pre-drill pocket holes for 3/4" depth into the ends of all four.  Cut 3/4" plywood to length at 11" x 16".  Attach 2x4"s to base using 1 1/4" pocket screws.


Attach Top

Attach your 11"x16" plywood to the base using 1-1/4" pocket screws.  You can also attach your casters to what side you deem is the bottom at this point.


Building the Tray

Using your 17.5" and 11" pieces of 1x2" frame around the top shelf using wood glue and brad nails to create a tray.


Building the Shelving Insert

Cut the side pieces (2) to 24.50" x 12.50" and the shelves to (2) 12.50" x 6.50".  Cut the top shelf to 12.50" x 8".  Before assembling, add 3/4" depth pocket holes to attach the shelving to the base.  Assemble shelves allowing for 8" of spacing between the bottom two shelves.


Attach Shelving to Base

Attach to the base using 1-1/4" pocket screws.


Adding Forstner Bit Storage

Cut plywood to length 8"x 16" for Forstner bit storage.  Using your soon to be attached drill press, cut 1/4" pilot holes into board for Forstner bit storage.  Do not cut holes all the way through board or the bits will slide through and cause issues with your drawer sliding. Cut 1x2" (2) to 16".  Using a spacer (like cardboard) place under Forstner bit shelf and then attach 1x2" shelving slides.  When the spacer is removed, the Forstner drawer will easily slide out.

Tools Used:

Materials Required:

Wood Products:

(1) 1x2, 72", Board  
(2) 2x4, 96", Board  
(1) 3/4" Thick, Half Sheet, Plywood  


(4) Caster  

Parts/Cut List:

(4) Base Legs, 2x4" x 31.50"  
(2) Plywood Top & Bottom, 16" x 11"  
(2) Shelving Sides, 24.50" x 12.50"  
(2) Shelves, 12.50" x 6.50"  
(1) Top Shelf, 12.50" x 8"  
(1) Forstner Shelf, 16" x 8"  
(2) Shelf Slide, 1x2" x 16"  
(2) Top Shelf Side, 1x2" x 17.50  
(2) Top Shelf Front/Back, 1x2" x 11"  

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