Wooden Winter Snowflake

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wooditsreal added on 12/20/2017

Bring something extra to your winter decor: a simple, yet stunning snowflake. The main material used here is decking boards which makes this project super affordable and durable too.


Follow the steps below to complete this project.


Build the Base Square

(1) Cut a total of four lengths: (2) 1’10” and (2) 2′. (2) Wood glue the ends and nail together, creating a square.


Cut and Attach Cross Boards

(1) Cut one length: 1’10”. (2) Wood glue the ends and slide into the middle of the square, 10.5″ from the inside edge. Nail in place.


Cut and Attach Center Boards

(1) Cut two length at 10.5″ each (2) Wood glue the ends and slide into the square, 10.5″ from the inside edge. Nail in place.


Cut Interior Diagonal Pieces

(1) Cut 4 lengths at 1’3″ each. However, it’s a good idea to get an exact measurement by measuring what you’ve assembled. See the next step to find out where these cuts will go. (2) Measure 1/2″ away from the end of the board and draw a line from the edge of the center of the end. Do this on both sides and you’ll have matching 45″ angles. (3) Make these cuts on both ends.


Step 5: Attach Interior Diagonals

(1) Wood glue the ends and slide into the square. (2) Nail in place.


Cut Boards for Interior Square

1. Cut eight 7″ pieces. You may need to cut slightly more or slightly less. Measure your assembly to be sure. 2. Measure in 1″ from the edge and draw a line from that point to the opposite edge. This will give you a 45-degree line on one end of the piece.


Attach Interior Square Pieces

(1) Wood glue the ends and slide into the square. (2) Nail in place.


Build Exterior Snowflake Assemblies

(1) The outer part of the snowflake consists of (4) subassemblies. Start by cutting four 12″ pieces. (2) Cut four 5″ pieces with a 45-degree miter cut on one end. (3) Glue and nail the bottom pieces. (4)Measure 6″ from the end of the board and mark the halfway point. (5) Align the bottom of the 5″ long piece with the mark and glue/nail in place.


Attach Ext. Snowflake Assemblies

Glue and nail exterior snowflake assemblies.


(Opt.) Attach L-Straps or T-Straps

If you want a little more stability for the assembly, you can screw in metal L straps or T straps to the back of your snowflake.

Tools Used:

Materials Required:

Wood Products:

(5) 5/4" x 6" Decking, 96", Board  


Parts/Cut List:

(5) Southern Yellow Pine Decking Boards, 5/4"x 6" x 96"  


wooditsreal.com-Build It Let It Snowflake.pdf Download
http://wooditsreal.com/2017/12/18/build-a-snowflake/ Visit


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