Table Planter Stand (text/pix updated 2018-1212)

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Multi-level Plant Stand. Perfect to hold indoor plants on a tabletop and near a window for natural lighting. Document 'corrected' to show the ceramic tiles, paint used, and additional pictures.

I strongly suggest you review each of the PDF's in the Extra Sections


Follow the steps below to complete this project.


Cutting Lumber Pieces

Cutting: 1.Cut the base to a length of 24” from 1”x12” 2.Cut the posts to 8” and 24” lengths from 2”x2” 3.Cut the 4 shelves to a size of 8”x8” from 1”x8” 4.Cut the 2 support triangles to a size of 5 ½” x 5 ½” out of 1”x6” Note 1: The screws used did not require pilot holes. However, to ensure that we didn’t split any of the wood, we chose to drill 1/16” pilot holes leaning on the side of caution when it came to the shelves being mounted to the sides of the posts. Note 2: The pix shows 4 triangles, we only used 3


Post to Base Assembly:

1. Drill a 1/16” pilot hole in the top and bottom ends of both posts dead center 2. Drill a 1/16” pilot hole in the planter base for each post. Both posts are 8” in from each end and 8” in from the side. 3. We used Titebond Quick and Thick (clear when dry) wood glue for all wood-2-wood connections. This glue sets fast and white. 4. We used 4” screws to attach the posts to the base to ensure stability.


Installing Triangle Supports

1.Drill a 5/16” hole into the support post and place the wood dowel into the hole. We used a Drill Stop that would control the depth of the drill cut to ½ the length of the dowel. 2.Place the appropriate Dowel and Tenor pin on to the dowel and align the triangle shelf support with the post thereby making a mark where the hole should be drilled into the triangle. 3.Drill a 5/16” hole into the triangle according to where the mark is. 4.If the fit is good, apply wood glue to both drilled out holes, insert the plug into the post and then into the triangle. 5.Hold the pieces together or use a clamp, and drill a pilot hole through the post and into the triangle. 6.Using a 4” screw, drive the screw through the post and into the triangle.


Installing 2nd Triangle Support

Repeat the steps on the previous page for the installation of the second triangle support.


Add Lower Platform

1. Now add the shelf to the lower (8”) post. 2. Drill a pilot hole dead center on the shelve which will align with the hole drilled into the post earlier. 3. Apply wood glue to the top of the post 4. Drive a 3” screw into the shelf until the point is visible 5. Align the shelf to the post and drive the screw in. 6. Clean up any excess glue before proceeding further.


Install the Shelves

Now that the triangles are installed and the shelf on the lower post is installed, it is time to install the shelves onto the two triangle supports and the longer post. Pilot holes are not necessary, but they make the operation easier! 1. Drill 2 1/16” holes into the shelves being applied to the triangle supports. 2. Drill a #8 SPAX 1 ¾” Hardwood screws into each hole such that the point of the screw is visible. 3. Apply wood glue to the top of the triangle support 4. With the shelf in position, drive the screws all the way in to complete the attachment. 5. Clean up any excess wood glue. Repeat these steps for the other shelf on the triangle. Follow the steps with Figure 7 to attach the shelf to the longer post.


Apply Wood Sealer & Paint

From the photograph, you can see that the base and platforms were painted with white acrylic paint and the two post were painted with apple tart (green) acrylic and added multi-colored ceramic times. 1. Apply at least 1 coat of MinWax Wood Conditioner to all surfaces. 2. Apply the paint to the posts and platforms and set aside to drive


Install Ceramic Tiles (optional)

1.Using a piece of cardboard, lay the tiles (beginning in 1 corner of the cardboard) into a pattern of 7 tiles across and 8 rows down. This will create a square equal to 8”x7” using 56 of the multi-colored ceramic tiles. 2.Now draw lines to mark the corners. Remove the tiles and cut the cardboard along the marked lines. 3.Lay the cardboard on each platform (one at a time) and draw very thin and light lines at each of the 4 corners. 4.Brush on a thin coat of Mod Podge decoupage glue inside the lines on the platforms and then reapply the ceramic tiles 5.Do the same for the other 3 platforms and set aside to dry

Tools Used:

Materials Required:

Wood Products:

(1) 2x2, 24", Board  
(1) 1x8, 48", Board  
(1) 1x6, 48", Board  
(1) 1x12, 24", Board  
(2) Poplar Wood Dowels, 5/16", Dowel  


(1) Review PDF in Extras and in Document  
(1) 4" Screws used to attach the support posts to the base and the triangle supports to the base  
(1) 3" screws used to attach the top shelves to the support posts  
(1) Dowel Pins used on the triangle supports to provide greater strength  
(1) 1 3/4" screws used to attach the shelves to the triangle supports (drilled down)  

Parts/Cut List:

(1) post, 2x2 @ 24"  
(1) post, 2x2 @ 8"  
(1) Base, 1x12 @ 24"  
(4) Platform (shelves), 1x8 cut to 8x8 squares  
(2) Support Triangles, 1x6 cut @ 5 1/2"x5 1/2"  


Table Planter Stand - Products Used.pdf Download
Table Planter Stand (updated 2018-1208) PWS.pdf Download
Table Planter Stand - Hardware-Supplies.pdf Download
Contact Me.pdf Download


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