Under Bed Rolling Storage

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charlestoncrafted added on 3/15/2019

Build this double sided under bed rolling storage, perfect for gift wrap, clothes or anything you store under your bed. This under bed rolling storage project will let you access things you previously had trouble reaching and provides meaningful storage. Build to start your spring cleaning!


Follow the steps below to complete this project.


Make cuts

From a sheet of 4'x8' piece of plywood, make the cuts listed in the cut list. Cut the base first, then cut the front and back, two sides and two dividers. Do all of this using a Kreg Accu-Cut.


Attach Front and Back

Attach the front and back pieces to opposing sides of the base. To do this, drill three equidistant pocket holes in each of the front and back pieces, then attach with 1" Kreg screws. These pieces will be flush with the edges of the base.


Attach Sides

Attach the sides on the other opposing sides of the base. To do this, drill the same three equidistant pocket holes into the bottom to connect to the base, but also drill two pocket holes on either end of the board to connect to the front and back pieces. These will be flush with the outer edge of the base and sit inside the front and back pieces.


Attach Middle Dividers

Attach two middle dividers spaced however you want to the interior of the piece. To make the three storage areas equal, attach them about 16 inches in from the sides. Drill the same pocket holes as you did to attach the sides.



Add stain or paint to your piece to match the decor of your room.


Attach Casters

Attach casters to the base of the piece. Attach them in the corners, roughly three inches from each side.


Attach Handles

Attach pull handles onto the front and back pieces. I used simple 5" pull handles and attached them centered to the front and back.


Fill with Stuff

Fill your DIY under bed storage with stuff and roll under the bed!


Visit www.CharlestonCrafted.com

Visit our website, www.CharlestonCrafted.com to see more of our projects as we renovate our house and encourage you to try DIY!

Tools Used:

Materials Required:

Wood Products:

(1) 1/2" Thick, Full Sheet, Plywood  


Parts/Cut List:

(1) Base, 4'x4'  
(2) Front and Back, 48"x6"  
(4) Sides and Dividers, 47"x6"  


http://www.CharlestonCrafted.com Visit


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