Cymbal Drum Cart

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evanwoodshop added on 11/19/2020

A cymbal drum cart meant for storing symbols and snare drums.


Follow the steps below to complete this project.



The back/sides are 48"x25.5"x0.75". The sides need to be cut down to different levels to to match the cymbal divider walls. Each divider is 6" wide. To cut this measure 6" across then cut 4" down. Repeat that step until you have areas for the 4 dividers.


Cymbal Dividers

The largest cymbal divider is 18"x24"x0.75". The second largest divider is 14"x24"x0.75". The third largest divider is 10"x24"x0.75". The smallest divider is 6"x24"x0.75".


False Bottom/Drawer Divider/Bottom

The false bottom, drawer divider, and bottom are all 24"x24"x0.75". The false bottom is the bottom for the cymbal dividers and that is placed 18" down from the top. The drawer divider is then placed 10" below that.


Small Drawer

The 2 sides of the small drawer are 9"x24"x0.75". The back is 9"x22.5"x0.75". The face is 10.75"x24"x0.75". I cut out a 4" handle in the center at 1" down. The bottom of the drawer is 24"x24"x1/8". Then attach drawer slides on the sides of the drawer and the drawer opening.


Big Drawer

The 2 sides of the big drawer are 18"x24"x0.75". The back is 18"x22.5"x0.75". The face is 19.75"x24"x0.75". I cut out a 4" handle in the center at 1" down. The bottom of the drawer is 24"x24"x1/8". Then attach drawer slides to the sides of the drawer and drawer opening.


Attach Wheels and Felt

Attach black felt to the bottom of the cymbal dividers and the bottoms of the drawers. Attach a wheel in each corner of the bottom of the cart.

Tools Used:

Materials Required:

Wood Products:

(2) 3/4" Thick, Full Sheet, Plywood  
(1) 1/8" Thick, Half Sheet, Plywood  


(1) Black Paint  
(2) Set of Drawer Slides  
(4) Wheels  
(1) Black Felt  

Parts/Cut List:

(3) Back/Slides, 48"x25.5"x0.75"  
(3) False Bottom/Drawer Divider/Bottom, 24"x24"x0.75"  
(1) Large Divider, 18"x24"x0.75"  
(1) 2nd Largest Divider, 14"x24"x0.75"  
(1) 3rd Largest Divider, 10"x24"x0.75"  
(1) Smallest Divider, 6"x24"x0.75"  
(2) Small Drawer Sides, 9"x24"x0.75"  
(1) Small Drawer Back, 9"x22.5"x0.75"  
(1) Small Drawer Face, 10.75"x24"x0.75"  
(2) Big Drawer Sides, 18"x24"x0.75"  
(1) Big Drawer Back, 18"x22.5"x0.75"  
(1) Big Drawer Face, 19.75"x24"x0.75"  
(2) Drawer Bottoms, 24"x24"x1/8"  


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