Funky Light Fixture

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buildbikebrew added on 11/10/2016

Transform your kitchen, dining or living room with this unique hanging light fixture. It adds character and funk and uses no precious wall or floor space! Stain it for a warm, rustic look or paint it to fit your modern decor. Grab some 2*2s and your Kreg jig and get started!


Follow the steps below to complete this project.


Drill pocket holes

Drill pocket holes on both ends of all the 11.5" pieces. (Not the 14.5")


Build squares

Take two 11.5" pieces and two 14.5" pieces and form a square by gluing and screwing the 11.5" pieces to the 14.5" pieces. (See picture) Build 8 identical squares.


Create your shape

Lay squares down one at a time, piling one on another. Twist a little - to not align with one right beneath. As you go, it will become like a spiral. Keep maneuvering until you love the shape!


Mark where pocket holes go

With a pencil, mark where to drill pocket holes to connect the squares to each other. Drill one on each of the four sides where it hits the square directly below it.


Trace and number

Trace each square before removing to drill pocket holes so you will know the placement when it's time to connect. Also mark each square with numbers going in order. Start with #1 on the bottom square and mark all squares until you reach #8.


Drill pocket holes on squares

Using your jig, drill pocket holes where you marked.


Start connecting squares

Place square #1 down and place #2 over it in its position. The pencil lines you traced earlier will guide you. Glue and screw. Next, place #3 onto #2 and do the same. Using the pencil lines as your guide. Continue until all squares are connected. Note: where you see #8,#7,#6 in the picture, it should actually be #1,#2,#3. I marked them backwards unintentionally!


Add large screw eyes

After you paint/ stain drill pilot holes and then screw in the metal screw eyes.


Tie sisal rope on to screw eyes

I cut 4 pieces of rope at approx 60" each since I wanted it to hang around 15" from light box. I used a double strand (2 pieces) to connect two screw eyes to each other. The center of the rope is what gets hung on the S hook.


Connect light kit

If you choose not to have an electrician hang it, shut the power, and connect your light kit to the light box. I tied sisal rope to the screw eyes on the fixture and drilled holes in the plastic light box cover to pull the rope through. I used an S hook to connect the mounting plate to the sisal rope. That's it! Note: make sure your light box can hold the weight of this before attaching. If you aren't sure, either get one that could or hang fixture around the light kit directly to joists on ceiling.

Tools Used:

Materials Required:

Wood Products:

(5) 2x2, 96", Board  


(60) Kreg 2.5" screws  
(1) Three light pendant light kit - I used IKEA Hemma set  
(4) 2 5/16" large screw eyes  
(1) Roll sisal rope  
(1) S hook  
(1) Rustoleum stain  

Parts/Cut List:

(16) 1.5" * 1.5" board, 14.5"  
(16) 1.5" * 1.5" board, 11.5"  
(4) Pieces Sisal rope cut @ approx, 60"  


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