Rustic Kitchen Console

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kaduhn1 added on 8/29/2016

A simple Rustic Style console table. I built this using 1"x12"x12' whiteboard from lowes. Using 12" wide boards and ripping them to 2" is cheaper if you have a table saw. If not this can be made with 1x2" boards.


Follow the steps below to complete this project.


Deciding on size

This is easily customizable fit your area. I did 42" wide, 30" tall and 12" deep. The top has one inch of overhang on all sides


ripping wood

I rough cut the wood to about one inch longer then required on my miter saw then preceded to rip all the pieces to 2" wide. I then trimmed them to length with my miter head on my table saw. My miter saw isn't very square or accurate so if yours is cut them to length on the first step. Eight 30" long pieces for the vertical legs. Four 36" long pieces for the horizontal rails Four 12" long for the front to back rails.


Pocket holes

Adding pocket holes. Lay out the pieces and mark where you need pocket holes. Some boards only need some on the end while some need end and sides. See attached picture on where to add pocket holes. After all the pocket holes are added assemble the frame work. The location of the bottom rails are explained in step 4.


Adding Rails for bottom shelf

The bottom rails that the shelf sits on are part of the 12" and 38" long pieces ripped in step two. I made them 6" off the ground to accommodate electronics going under them.


End X shape

This step is optional and cosmetic. I simply used my miter head and cut 45 deg cuts on the end of one board them marked the other end after setting it where it should go then crept up on the final length. Final length is right around 19". I cut mine to about 20" to start. You can either do one long piece and two shorter pieces or two long pieces then cut half way through each board in the middle. Mine are 1" wide strips so starting from the center I marked 1/2" out each direction. Then used the table saw and miter head to notched this out half the thickness of the wood. Should fit together snugly to form an X. Bottom piece is just a 12" by 1" Piece. I glued the X in and put a small brad nail in as well.


Shelf and top

Measure the INSIDE length and width of the frame work. Cut two pieces of 12" wide board to length and then pocket hole them together. For the width I then cut an even amount off of both sides to make the joint be in the middle of the shelf. This isn't too important if your going to paint it like I did. Same with the top only make it two inches wider on the OUTSIDE length and width. If your going to stain the top trimming an even amount off both sides to make the joint in the center is more important for cosmetics. I routed a profile on the outside to give it a little flair.


finishing painting/staining

I took an orbital sander with 220 grit to the whole thing to clean up joints and round over the edges. I Stained the top with a reddish stain, Gun oak I believe. Completely up to you on what color paint and stain to go with. I went with a sating polyurethane clear coat to keep that flat "Rustic" look although it still had some shine to it.

Tools Used:

Materials Required:

Wood Products:

(3) 1x12, 1x12x12, Board  


Parts/Cut List:

(8) Vertical Legs, 1" by 2 by 30"  
(4) Horizontal Rails, 1" by 2" by 38"  
(4) Front to back rails, 1" By 2" by 12"  
(1) Top, 2" larger In length and width of the outside frame  
(1) Shelf, Same as the inside dimension of frame  
(4) x rails, 1"by1" by approximately 20"  
(2) Bottom of X, 1" by 1" bye 12"  


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