Party Cart / Potting Bench

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thecraftedmaker added on 6/30/2015

This is a party cart that turns into a potting bench. When entertaining outdoors, the top acts as a serving station to place food, drinks, or condiments. When you are ready to do some gardening, flip the top up and open the doors to reveal your gardening tools.


Follow the steps below to complete this project.


Leg Supports

Make two leg support sections by joining (2) 2X4 @ 36” with (1) 2X4 @ 33”. The 33” boards will start 6” from the bottom. Attach with 2 ½” wood screws.


Join Leg Supports

Join the two leg support sections by attaching (2) 2X4 @ 17”. The 2X4 will lay flat against the 36” legs. Repeat the same process for the top shelf supports. Attach with 2 ½” wood screws.


Attach Shelf Boards

You will need (5) 2X4 @ 33” for the bottom shelf and (5) 2X4 @ 36” for the top shelf. Attach with 2 ½” wood screws.


Assemble Top

Drill pocket holes in (2) 2X4 @ 36” and (2) 2X4 @ 17”. Pocket hole placement is shown by the arrows in the picture. Lay your ¾” plywood on a flat surface and attach your 2X4 boards with pocket hole screws.


Install Door Supports

Attach your (2) 2X4 cut @ 2 ¾” to the middle of the top and bottom of the inside. This will give your doors something to rest on.


Assemble Doors

Attach the ¾” plywood cut @ 16 ½” x 17” to each side of the top frame. Place hinges 4” and 11.5" from the top of the door. Drill pilot holes on this step to keep the wood from splitting.


Install Hardware

Attach the latch closure to the outside of the doors to prevent opening when in a closed position. Attach hooks on the inside of the cabinet to hold all of your gardening tools. Attach a drawer pull to the outside of the cabinet to assist in raising and lowering.


Attach Top to the Base

Attach the top cabinet to the lower frame with (2) 3” hinges. Place the hinges 6” from both sides of the back.

Tools Used:

Materials Required:

Wood Products:

(10) 2x4, 96", Board  
(1) 3/4" Thick, Full Sheet, Plywood  


(4) 1 1/2" Hinges  
(2) 3" Hinges  
(1) Latch Closure  
(4) Hooks for Tools  
(1) Pull  

Parts/Cut List:

(11) 2X4, 36"  
(9) 2X4, 33"  
(6) 2X4, 17"  
(2) 2X4, 2 3/4"  
(1) 3/4" Plywood, 36"X20"  
(2) 3/4" Plywood, 16 1/2"X17"  

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