Upholstered Bench with Faux Metal Frame

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sawdustsisters added on 6/13/2017

This bench is perfect for small spaces. The faux fur upholstered seat is soft and comfortable. The frame is made with 2x2s and spray painted to resemble metal.


Follow the steps below to complete this project.


Build the top & bottom of the frame

Cut the 2x2 pieces as shown on the cut list. Drill pocket holes on the 8-1/2" pieces, where the blue arrows point. Then assemble the pieces as shown, using 2-1/2" pocket screws. You will end up with two identical pieces that will make the top and bottom of the frame.


Put the top and bottom together

Drill pocket holes on the 14" inch vertical pieces and use them to put the two pieces together using 2-1/2" pocket screws. Make sure the pocket holes face the inside of the frame.


Attach the Seat

At this point I sanded and painted the frame. I used a metallic silver spray paint to give the wood the appearance of metal. I also upholstered the seat. Once the paint is dry and upholstery completed, I attached the frame to the seat using 2" wood screws as shown by the arrows. Tip: Visit the link under the "Extras" tab for more details, including video instructions for upholstering the seat. Enjoy your bench!

Tools Used:

Materials Required:

Wood Products:

(4) 2x2, 96", Board  
(1) 1x12, 72", Board  


(24) 2-1/2" Pocket Hole Screws  
(8) 2" Wood Screws  

Parts/Cut List:

(4) Frame-See Diagram, 2x2x8  
(1) Seat- To be upholstered, 1x12x 54"  


https://sawdustsisters.com/diy-upholstered-bench-faux-metal-frame/ Visit


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