Rustic pallet wood clock

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sheltonwoodworks added on 6/20/2016

Keep time in style! This rustic pallet wood clock is a perfect addition to any wall in your home. The classic design and functionality of the clock makes this a great DIY project to keep for yourself or to give as a gift. You can also customize this clock to fit any color pallette.


Follow the steps below to complete this project.


Select boards

Select three pallet wood boards that will work for your clock. Depending on what diameter/size you want your clock to be you may need more than three boards.


Arrange boards

Arrange the three boards on a flat surface in the order you choose. I like to have a wider piece in the middle (as shown in the picture) for my design.


Trace Circle

Find a circular item to use as a template for your clock. You will want to decide what diameter/size you want your clock to be before picking a template. My clock is 10.5 inches in diameter, but you can customize your clock to be any size. You can use household items such as pot covers, large bowls, or even various sized plates to use for your template. Trace circle onto wood using pencil or pen.


Cut out circle

Cut out the circle using a jig saw by following your trace marks. You can use other tools to cut out your circle such as a hand saw, band saw, etc. *Reminder* This is a rustic clock so if you cuts don't exactly match up with your trace marks, that's okay. It's still going to look good!


Join Boards

Once you have cut out the circle, use your Kreg Jig to cut pocket holes into each board to join them together. As shown in the photos, I use about two pocket holes for the side boards and four pocket holes for the middle board.


Sand clock

Sand down the wood on both sides to create a smooth surface


Add some color

Now it's time to add some color to the clock. This is a very customizable item. The clock I made is white, but you can make this clock any color you want. Paint the clock a solid color, leave it bare, or draw/paint any design you would like.


Add numbers

You can add the numbers in a variety of ways. Use number stencils, number stickers, or free hand the numbers to create a one of a kind piece. Most of these items can be purchased via a local craft store such as Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc. I use a clock stencil made specifically for a 10.5 inch clock that I purchased online (as shown in pictures).


Add Clock Piece

You can purchase a clock kit at any local craft store or online for this project. You want to chose a clock kit based on the thickness of your boards. I use 3/4 inch clock kits for my pallet clocks. The clock kits come with instructions on how to install. I drill a hole in the center of the clock to attach the clock piece.



Now you are finished!! You can hang the clock on the wall (time movement piece in clock kits generally have a place for a nail or screw to be able to hang the clock) and enjoy watching the time fly with your custom made rustic wood wall clock!!

Tools Used:

Materials Required:

Wood Products:

(3) 1/2" Thick, 12", Pallet Wood  


(1) Clock Kit  
(8) Kreg Jig 1 inch screws  

Parts/Cut List:

(1) Circle, 10.5 inches  


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