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  • October 7, 2017

    I built this today for my Daughter and Son-in-law. I made a few modifications to the original plan but that's what woodworking is all about. One thing to note - On the diagram accompanying the "Make the End Parts" section, the plan says that the Leg Inner and Outer Caps, the Leg Inner and Outer Bases and the Foot are 3-1/2" tall. They are actually 1-1/2" tall. If you use the 3-1/2" dimension (of a standard 2x4) your table would end up 37" tall. If you use the 1-1/2" dimension the table is 29" tall. The table turned out fantastic. It's very stable and very heavy. Should last many lifetimes! They love it!

    - BlueStallion Woodworks

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