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  • May 3, 2016

    Nice design. I just finished the rough assemble phase yesterday. If I were to add anything... - Use 3 pocket holes on the ends of each framing piece. (all rails) - I don't think the plans mention gluing the joints but it is strongly recommended. Cedar is a pretty soft wood so the pocket screws may loosen over time. IF I WERE TO BUILD AGAIN: - I'd make it a little wider. Leaving only 23in on either end for chairs to slide under the table is pretty limiting. Making it a little wider would also reduce damage to the legs with people pushing in chairs and bumping into the legs. TIPS: - Make sure you have enough screws on hand. This table takes quite a bit of them. - Buy a 10ft 4x4 for the legs instead of two 8ft pieces. You will save $30 in material costs. (your legs will be roughly 29 3/4 instead of 30in)

    - Nick Pernia

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