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  • February 21, 2020

    I don't know how much more you would need to build this. I think the info is very good and I'm looking forward to building it.

    - Terry O'Hare

  • April 6, 2018

    The first reviewer acts like he paid for something he didn't get. B. Reed was generous enough to share his project and shouldn't be derided by a Luddite. A screen grab and pasting into paint with a resizing gives one a very good image to print. "Having to hauling one's computer to the shop" is a pitiful gripe. Perhaps he can get a refund. I thought the project was great and thank Mr. Reed for taking the time to share it.

    - Daniel Barker

  • June 20, 2017

    Without a plan I am not going to try and build this. Mainly because I am not going to move my computer out to the shop. I also am not going to blindly "print" something when I can't see what you are saying to print! Only takes 3 web pages to realize you never shared a plan per se. If I am wrong, please tell me where I can review more than some pictures that look like stuff is missing and 5 tabs of items needed...

    - Jeffrey Wolf

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