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  • January 10, 2020

    This was a really fun project, that took a lot longer than planned. There were a few issues I encountered, and have listed below: -The bit used with the router was definitely not a "cove" bit... - Why not have the dimensions for the legs be square all the way up? All of the pieces added to the legs have one side 1/4 of an inch longer than the other side. Doesn't make sense - The hardest part for me was cutting down the 4x4's to create the block in the center, but after I realized that most of the block was going to be covered by other pieces, I realized that they don't have to look perfect. In all, the plans worked great, though I wouldn't say they were sufficient for a beginner. This project was a fulfilling one to do, and made me much more interested to do additional projects. Thank you!!

    - Zachary A

  • February 20, 2017

    Made the table slightly different but the plans were key in figuring out how to build this. I went with 6 foot overall length and used wooden dowels to join my 2x10 together. Tried a different design on the underside of the table. This project requires lots and lots of sanding...but the end result is fantastic. If you want a rustic (not perfect) looking table this is the one. I made this with only basic power tools hand drill, small table saw, belt sander, orbital sander, brad nail gun and jig saw. The one issue the table is rock solid for movement on the ends but on the sides there is movement which I believe is caused by the legs being comprised of many pieces of wood joined together. If someone sat on the side of the table something might snap in the leg area. The solution would be what one of the reviews recommended, rod thru the centre of each leg.

    - steven reade

  • February 6, 2017

    I used the plan for this project because I like the legs. I found that just glueing and brad nailing the legs together wasn't strong enough. I ended up boring a hole through the center from top to bottom and running a piece of all thread and putting washers and bolts on both ends. I also recommend getting a planer. I don't own one and it made getting the table top even and smooth a nightmare. Overall very happy with the result. Since we have a small are for the table, I made mine shorter and then made extensions that can go on and off. I also used a biscuit joiner. I do not own a Kregg Jig and I don't find them to make strong joints. Just my opinion.

    - Doug Campbell

  • October 13, 2016

    Built this table last week. It turned out beautiful. There where a few missing directions but nothing that couldn't be figured out on my own.

    - Melissa L

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