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  • January 15, 2019

    I found the same issue with the cut list. Could not figure out a reason for the hinge location, unless for an air vent. It would be easier to mount them to the bottom of the door and base.

    - Russ Baublitz

  • November 27, 2018

    I built this on a Sunday afternoon. It is a nice little design that is easy to build. Two problems I had were that the bottom and front pieces were too wide when using the dimensions in the cut list. The top (10" in cut list) and front piece (10 1/2" in cut list) should be the same width (I chose 10 inches since I cut the top first), and then if you cut the top first, the bottom should be 8 1/2" long, not 9" as shown in the cut list. Alternatively, the top needs to be 10 1/2" to begin with and the other dimensions will work. Otherwise, the only difficulty I had was cutting the grooves on the top with the little palm router I own. My next purchase will be a router table so I can knock more of these out! All in all, a great project that will be a great gift!

    - Norma Dowell

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