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  • October 11, 2019

    I completed construction of four of these for integration into our basement bike storage. The instructions and material are clear, creating an easy project. A few thoughts for improvement opportunity are as follows: - Countersink the bolts inside of the side boards to avoid marring any wheels - Larger tire sizes such as for fat bikes will likely require wider than 1x6 board. Our 4.5" tires needed a total back board width of 6.5" - There is excess material in the design. I removed certain areas such as the outer top of the site boards and outer ends of the flip-down boards (to lie flat on ground). - Make sure your width of the side boards is snug as possible to allow for best retention of the bike. One design challenge I don't see a way around here is the variability you may have if you change tires/wheelsets on a bike. My commuter has different width for winter and summer, so it is not being stored on these. Overall, this is a nice solution for storage if you have the space. Keep in mind the potential for interference between saddles/handlebars when you set your spacing between racks. On a 16" center, I was able to fit four mountain bikes just right with alternating orientation.

    - Justin Wheelock

  • April 29, 2019


    - Lisandro Bueno

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