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  • April 10, 2019

    Currently in the middle of building this. It's going to be nice and a lot of fun, no doubt. Only concern is placement of the pocket holes on the narrow ends of the rails & supports. Those pocket holes will guide the screw to the 'weak' part of the joining board, i.e. tip of the screw points to edge of the joining board and not the 'meat' of the board. This means it would take less force to make the joint fail compared to if the screws went into the 'meat'. I've accounted for this every other time I've employed pocket holes. Not pleased with myself I followed the directions blindly here. If I had though about it more, I would have located those pocket holes to the opposite side of the board. They would be covered up by the outer rails or facing the ground; all out of sight. I haven't gotten to the supports yet, so it's not too late for that part. I don't think this will matter the way the top panel is fixed to the base. I'm confident the structure will be sound and I will last a long time.

    - Chris DesJardins

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